Friday, August 29, 2008

Silver Mountain's Indoor Water Park

The indoor water park was a BIG hit for the entire family! It didn't matter that it wasn't warm enough outside. We even got to try the boogie board! What fun! Josh & the boys did pretty well! I even took a stab at it. This area was a hit with all ages even adults & teens! Since we stayed the night our package included the water park for the day & the next day too. The hot tubs were also a hit. The room had a full kitchen so we ordered a pizza & made breakfast the next day (Yolks was walking distance). They even have a BBQ you can use.


Vicki Singleton said...

That looks like a blast and what beautiful picture of you with the kids!

Amalia said...

Wow! That place looks GREAT! I think we'll have to go next year for sure! xoxoxo