Saturday, August 23, 2008


Jacob & Jacksun

<- Justin, Jacob, Lexi & Ashley

Pictured below is LaDonna, Rose & me

The kids & I went to Montana to see my mom & our cousins for a few days. We had originally planned to go camping at Blue Bay on the Flathead Lake in Western Montana but the weather did not permit it. I was even optimistic & brought our camping stuff in case it cleared up. One the way over we had our wipers on high for an hour & a half straight... & some. I think it was following us! The weather finally got sunny & warm the day we were to part from Missoula to head home.
It worked out for the best & were able to stay with my favorite cousin LaDonna & Jacksun. Jacksun just turned 6 years old this summer. The boys had a lot of fun with him. Thanks LaDonna for letting us invade your house for a few days. We spent some time with my mom, Daniel & Kevin. Thanks Daniel for watching the boys while my mom, Ashley, cousin Kevin & I went shopping! We also were able to visit with my cousin Rose & Alexis for an evening at LaDonna's place. Ashley just loved playing with her cousin Lexi who was only one month older than her. Watching two three year old girls play was a adorable! The boys were full of energy & loud. Unfortunately my grandmother was in the ICU over there but I was able to visit with her a bit too. We LOVE you Grandma! Get well soon! All in all we had another great time in Montana for our annual summer visit. Maybe we will make it to Polson & Blue Bay next year to visit & camp if the weather permits.

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