Monday, August 4, 2008


The whole family went huckleberry picking on Sunday. This use to be an anual event before the second child was born. Although, it is a somewhat new location I can tell you that it was still at the same exit as we had gone before. We stopped by the Idaho Fish Hatchery first. No, we didn't mean to. If you have never gone picking before it might help to let you know it that these "little" huckleberries are usually in a "hard to find", remote location. Which ususally makes the adventure so fun. Okay, not so fun for the little ones at first since they don't care for the nearly two hour drive (this did include the time it took scavaging for the right spot). After we stumbled upon our new spot the adventure had begun.
The wilderness mountains were flooded with huckleberries! Oh, the excitement....for the first hourish. Finally, bordem kicked in. To my surprise Ashley said "this is fun mom!". She lasted longer than I thought she would. A lot longer. Of course, she used the "Great outdoors" to pee. She did not complain much unless she fell into a prickly bush or something. The boys said they saw several spider webs & Jacob said he ran right into one of the webs with his face. He mentioned that that was his least favorite part of the trip. Justin kept saying "There are huckleberries infinity".

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Geovanti said...

I really enjoyed your pictures.
You are the best mother any child could ever hope for.