Monday, March 2, 2009

Dress Up Queen

Miss Ash is really into dressing up. I thought having two brothers would make her less likely to become a girly, girl. I thought I would be lucky to get her to wear dresses. Well, I was wrong. She is into it more than ever right now. It gets to the point now that it drives me crazy to pick up her room at the end of the day. She has mountains of clothes all over. It is worse on days that she has company because of course she is showing off a bit. I hate doing extra laundry. I have enough of that already so I go through it trying to figure out what I can salvage for "clean." She does help with her room but when she does it, she tends to put it all in her dirty clothes bin. I need to figure some other system. I wouldn't change her for the world! Yes, even when she gets in that stubborn tantrum mode that reminds me EXACTLY of me, when I was her age.

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