Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Party take two...

Jacob also enjoyed his Valentine's Party on the same day as Justin but about three hours later. His teacher hinted that parents may come towards the end if they wished. My guess it that the mom's were gossiping with each other too much in previous parties so the teacher has been trying to keep parent involvement at a the parties to a bare minimal (I was not one of those gossipers, btw). I do recall the noise level being very high at the Halloween Party, and this was not due to just students. Jacob's friend Clarence has not been in the same classroom as him since the 1st grade but he still looks forward to seeing him at recess, lunch and after school. We have also made an effort to continue play dates throughout the years.
Ashley celebrated her Valentine's Day a few days earlier at "Jump and Party" with her CO-OP clan. What a blast! I brought Justin along due to Sarah's request.

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