Friday, January 2, 2009

Triple Play With Friends!

What a nice week we had. We were able to spend times with my old friend Julie and her kids who were in town for the week. Our families enjoyed Triple Play Family Fun Park. It was nice to meet her brother, his wife and new little baby boy. We tired to go up to Silver Mt. for some snow tubing but it was closing down due to high winds. We had a nice play date at a friends house. I was also able to squeeze in a last minute movie with my friend Julie & her mother during the beginning of her visit.
We enjoyed a nice dinner at the White House Grill, where six of us laddies dinned, wined, and talked. We were suppose to enjoy a Spa treatment at the Highland Spa but they had to cancel our party due to severe weather. The weather this season has been affecting a few plans of people in the Inland North West, but we make the best of it. I rode with my friends Beth and Amalia to Post Falls. It took us about an hour and a half, to get from Upper South Hill in Spokane to Post Falls in Beth's truck. This typically takes around 45 minutes.
We finished Julie's visit with a wonderful potluck dinner and hot tub dip at my house. What a great dinner and I really loved the company too! What a nice bunch of women! Oh yeah, thanks Josh (if you are reading) for all your help and preparing the Rigatoni! You're the best!

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Julie said...

I just saw this and all the pictures! I love them! Thanks so much for posting this, Jody. I had such a great time!