Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wunderland!

Last Wednesday Spokane was hit with 20-25" of snow in 24 hours. School was cancelled last Thursday and Friday. Therefore Winter Break started early. Ashley was bummed because she felt jipped. She really loves CO-OP. The first thing she asks on Monday mornings is "Mom, do we have CO-OP today?" I then respond with, "no, not today but in three more days." I will have to typically repeat this same thing for the remainder of the week, until Thursday, when I can finally say, "yes, it's time for CO-OP today!" She gets very excited. Then she will ask, "will Charlotte be there?" She looks forward to seeing Charlotte. She is always asking if Charlotte can come stay the night.
As for the winter doesn't look like it is going to go anytime soon. We got a few more inches this morning. Thank goodness that our street was plowed yesterday, because we are suppose to get another 6" or so tonight and some more on Christmas Eve! Yahoo! Thank you plow trucks, you have increased our odds on getting out of our street after this next snow storm comes in. Our new snow chains have been helping, but we took them off yesterday for a bit to help from tearing up the roads and to help prolong the life of the chains. We went out to the Valley yesterday, and the middle lane on the high way was totally thrashed by studs and chains in just two days! Two deep ruts, on each side of the lane where your tires drive can be a pain when there is no snow. That is Spokane for you. There is just no way to keep up with it. We always blame "The City" but really it is just our city, the city we live in. We have to get around some how, right?
Finally, what does all this snow bring us? Well it brings us outside, outside to play in the snow and to make forts, hills to slide down, snowmen, snow balls, snow paths, sledding, snow to blow, and of course, snow to shovel. Yet to come, is making an igloo, to go tubing down a mountain, cross country skiing and down hill skiing as well! Why not? We have a lot of snow to go around! So, as for is going to be a white one!

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