Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My TWO Minutes of Fame...

A few weeks ago my friend Julie got cold feet and asked me to take her place in shooting a informative commercial. I was to ask a few questions while Clyde Haase a well known Landscape Architect shared his "Landscape" knowledge with viewers. So Beth, you will have to let me know if he knows his stuff. He seemed very interested in you when I told him I have a friend who is a Landscape Architect. When I could tell he was hinting to make a job offer I told him your husband already keeps you busier than you would like be. I sure had fun! Thanks Julie for the opportunity! I think she is really getting to know me & my LOVE to be in the "Limelight".
Okay, I have a's not really my yard Maggie! Be sure to click on the link BELOW! more about HAASE


Maggie said...

Whew! I didn't think that looked like your yard at all!

Thanks for the confession, Jody. I liked the bit, too.

Julie said...

Jody!!! I thought of you because I knew you would be perfect... and you were!!! You look great on TV. A natural.