Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creative Play...

As the days are getting shorter & the temperature is getting colder the kids are spending more time indoors. My kids love to "build things". Well, not Ashley so much. They have been spending a lot of time tinkering around with "tinkertoys". Justin invests more time into this hobby than Jacob & Ashley put together but I have to admit this has been a GREAT investment! I know some of you have already heard me talk about this before. I remember it was Justin's first Christmas when the boys got this deluxe set. This set has been very loved. Over the years the set has mysteriously dwindled in size. Somehow I find these everywhere. I am wondering if it is time for Santa to add more to this set. If your child loves to build & assemble things, likes Lincoln Logs or loves puzzles, I would recommend this toy to you.

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