Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009!

It finally happened! We all went to California's Disneyland! Oh the fun and experiences. This was the kids' first time on an airplane. All went well (except for when that nice man tried to sit by Ashley). We stayed with some good friends for the week. The first two nights we stayed with Julie and kids at a nearby hotel. We spent the first partial day just soaking in CA in Anaheim. The next two days were Disneyland from morning to night! What an awesome experience. Our favorite rides were Indiana Jones and Space Mountain, WOW! Julie showed us the ropes of both Disneyland and California. Thanks to her experience and expertise we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! We even relaxed in Malibu's Zuma Beach on Friday and toured Santa Barbara on Saturday. We slipped out for an evening without kids at a great restaurant in Ventura's Pier (yes, our treat!). What a great experience and NO KIDS!!! Finally, one more day of Disneyland on Sunday and then we left the next day after a hard core boot camp with Julie and of course, In Out Burger because eating there the first day just wasn't enough. THANKS so much for sharing your place Julie, Rick and kids!!! This was our best vacation ever!

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Maggie said...

Sounds extremely fun!!!!! So glad you got to go at this time when the magic is alive.